Our focus is the food we LOVE best: Greens•Herbs+Edible Flowers•Garlic and various vegetables and fruit… Grown in SOIL under the sun, deep leafy greens offer abundance of taste, cooking opportunities, and vitamins. Our bees may produce some of the best “wild craft” nectar in the valley foraging on a variety of native trees and forbs, and organic buckwheat, marigolds, sunflowers, alfalfa, borage, calendula, and other nectar and pollen rich plants—companions to other foods GROWING here.

Be joyful though you have considered all the facts.
— Wendell Berry

Incentives from which to dig deeper

Pam Arnold–2019 Outstanding Conservationist: MN Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Salt’n’Pepper Farm LLC: Water Quality Certified Farm: MN Department of Agriculture