Pam Arnold:

Bee keeper + Gardener with big hopes. Grateful & primary human
of the farm.

“My science-loving grandmother shared her large organic vegetable garden with me on the river just a few miles south of where I now live. The beauty and redolence of soil, as well as fresh greens– the work too, were early gifts to me. I believe we all have this love in our blood, it is from where we come!”


Sonja Nord:

Farm Coordinator

“My work with children in nature focused education, my interest and love of wild birds especially raptors, art (jewelry designer), and my love for healthy food seem to have called me to farming! The beauty of the Earth motivates me to combine my energy with intention: we can feed each other and honor all life on this planet!”


So Many friends and volunteers! THANK YOU!

Katrina Nord is an artist, athlete/instructor/coach…and an extraordinary leader
here on the farm–when she’s not working as a trapeze instructor in an exotic place. Talent knows no bounds…

Constants on the farm…Many people to thank for their contributions, their friendship, talent, and sweat!