Salt-n-Pepper Farm is committed to GROWING healthy soil and food, STEWARD water, and PROVIDING home to pollinators… We NURTURE neighbors and new friends alike
on the path we SHARE, to SUSTAIN Half-Earth…Eating and living responsibly to that imperative.

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Salt-n-Pepper Farm resides on a diverse stretch of land that includes prairie, grassland, forest, wetland and cultivated gardens. Cover cropping, companion planting, and no till practices are contributing to an improving soil system. Goal: to retain soil and support its innate role as the nutrient infrastructure of the system, and its water holding potential –toward greater sustainability–measured
in production and over-all stability.


Second : Feed the Farm

Pollinators, plants, and organic practice contribute to small scale food production, and the larger scope of protecting soil
and water. We feed pollinators who are responsible for over a third of the foods
we love and rely on, and in turn support
the Farm’s capacity to feed us.


Third :

Feed our community

The communities among whom we live
and work show us the way to justify our efforts. Joy, health, exchange of ideas
and products contribute to our purpose. Salt-n-Pepper Farm participates at local markets,
and in growing produce for individual customers, this year through Farm to Table Greens. We are a small part of a larger system of mutually supportive efforts.

Find us at Scandia Farmers Market,
and Tiny Diner in Minneapolis, AND
at home on the farm.